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Wales Q & A

Improvisers' Networks : Wales - Q&A

  • I am interested, what should I do?
    • Re-visit the Networ Wales start page and complete the network Wales contact form.
  • What if I have never played an instrument before ?
    • All players, all levels, all experience are welcome.
  • Who is behind, or organising improvisers' network / Wales?
    • Emma Louis, Bangor Wales ( Blipfonica )
    • Phil Morton, Liverpool, England ( Frakture, praxis:arts)
  • Why has it been created?
    • We believe there is a need to put free improvisers in touch with each other.
    • To break down isolation, to encourage creativity
  • Is it just for music and musicians?
    • No it is for all art formsIt is for cross platform, and multi disciplinary work too.
    • However it’s starting point is music, and to build audience members
  • What is "free improvisation" ?
  • Is "free improvisation" the only practice of interest to improvisers network/Wales?
    • No, free improvisation is our starting point, but we are also interested in other practices such as, contemporary composition techniques, e.g. graphic scores, text pieces, plus other contemporary practices including, fluxus, chance and indeterminacy, John cage, Stockhausen, soundwalks & acoustic ecology, free jazz, and finallyscores and games in music & movement.
  • Is there a membership fee?
    • There is no membership fee at present.
    • A fee may arise in the future when there are benefits & services available , delivered and maintained to legitamise a membership fee.
  • Is the improvisers network/Wales a funded organisation?
    • Arts Council Wales has provided funding to help launch the improvisers network/Wales, this funding is expected to cover work from 2013 into late 2018.
  • What services or benefits do you offer?
    • These are early days in the network development, currently there is; the contact list, the events calendar, a newsletter, and open calls for collaborations.
  • The Improvisers' Networks Wales is not
    • The network is not a "collective"
    • The network is not a "cooperative"
    • The network is not a "community"
    • The network is not a promoter.
    • The network may facilitate and support the above concepts, behavious and practices, but essentially the network is a list, the administrators seek to only facilitate opportunities and provide basic support to those names on the list and the relatonships they may form.
  •     V.2.1 - End: 09/11/13.
        uploaded 02/09/2014, updated 20/06/2017