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Call for Works: OscilloScope

Oscilloscope banner hosted at Wales Flickr account

Call for Works: OscilloScope

is currently calling for proposals for the events programme. Situated in Bangor (North Wales). This ongoing event takes place on the last Tuesday of every month and focuses on electronic experimental music. So the question is, would you like to be involved on 27/3/18? It is set up as a performance and developmental event where composers and artists are encouraged to come and trial new work in front of an audience made up of other creative types and members of the public.

If you wish to be considered please make a submission via this page https://oscilloscopeblog.wordpress.com/call-for-works/. Please provide your contact details and as much information about the work you intend to do as possible. Web links including audio and video are very helpful.

We offer a performance space, use of a stereo speaker setup (although more can be arranged with sufficient notice), and chance for artists to go out on a limb in a supportive environment and audience members to hear something genuinely new. On the technical side we can accept line level signals from 6.35mm balanced jack or mic level impedance via XLR for other signal levels or connection types it is best to check first.
For those who like to use the mixing desk as more of an interface/instrument, it is recommended that you bring you bring your own and DI in as it makes complex change-overs between artists less time-consuming.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Ed Wright

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