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Venues UK Wales wiki

A wiki for venues used by Improvisers' (and associated artists) in Wales,

Aim: To present data and information on the subject of `venues` used by free improvisers and associated artists in one location, that is searchable.
A `wiki` is a searchable database presented within a webpage.

Here is the link displaying the search result, venues - Wales:  URL link this page also displays a link to a spreadsheet containing information on venues that are of interest but not regularly used by improvisers.

  • To share, to propose a venue to be added to the list, you can
    • send the information by email to listings@improvisersnetwork.co.uk
    • Individuals with registered accounts with the website & the MediaWiki can upload articles about venues in Wales directly into the wiki and the website.
    • SIMPLIST & EASIEST - complete the simple form below.
  • The best and most detailed method to share information is to use the `long form` which is either on display on the menu 9upper right) or use the search box. This is a long form and captures more detail.

Phil Morton, October 2018

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