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Open Call Listen to the Voice of Fire

Call for Works

Saturday 11th November, Emily Davies Theatre, Aberystwyth University
Excited to have confirmed a venue for this, now all I need is you…

I am looking for performers/artists, in particular I am interested in these approaches.

• noise, drone, modular synths & guitar feedback & improvised approaches, tape hiss
• feedback systems, algorithmic music, chance, ergodic, cybernetic approaches, no input mixing board,
• databending , diy, Arduino/pi/teensy, other hacked approaches,
• electroacoustic, fixed media, audiomulch, pd, max, csound, composers desktop project, . AV, Processing, Max/Msp Jitter, BYOB, Super8 analogue flim etc et al.

There is no budget at all so if you are happy to come a long for the ride or live within spitting distance then this could be for you.

Contact : Dafydd Roberts, via the on-line form here: URL LINK

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