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Wakefiled: Crossings 16th January


Veryan Weston – keystation,
Yusuf Ahmed – drums/percussion,
Pei Ann Yeoh – violin,
Hannah Marshall - cello


This music contains structures which have, by coincidence, similarities with some of the principles of geometry. Visual interlocking symmetries and shapes are transferred to the audible world of pitches, rhythm and counterpoint, with the spirit and energy of jazz, improvisation and folk music which are always at the heart of the performance.

'Crossing' is a trio with specially invited guest violinist Pei Ann Yeoh who is visiting UK from Malaysia. The music is based around rhythm figures and tessellating pentatonic scale forms that provide a sonic garden for all participants to play and explore using their amazing skills as improvisers.

Veryan Weston has shaped this project using experiences from his own Tessellations pieces where rhythm plays a central role in defining shape and structure.

Pei Ann Yeoh has studied jazz violin at a post graduate level as well as performed extensively in jazz clubs as well as conservatoire work with musicians such as Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Jean Toussaint, and Frederic Rzewski

Yusuf Ahmed has frequently worked with London-based West African music projects and is a drummer who enjoys sensitive and expressive music.

Hannah Marshall's cultural ambidexterity enables continuing challenging explorations with Pei as they energetically explore the music's rhythmic foundation with their own highly interactive improvisations.

"Crossing" is a trio plus special guest violinist Pei Ann Yeoh (Malaysia) - a sonic improvised garden, based on rhythmic figures and pentatonic scales, developed by Veryan Weston over the past 30+ years.



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