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Sproggits: Now It Can Be Told / Emil Karlsen and Mark Hanslip Dec 6th

image: Sproggits: Now It Can Be Told / Emil Karlsen and Mark Hanslip




(well, maybe not yet)

Entry by donation £3+

Join us this month for two excellent bands:


"Now It Can Be Told" is a new work that brings Post Rock influences, such as Mogwai and Sigur Ros, to the forefront and investigates the use of electronics in Jazz. This piece is made up of four movements and explores old and new methods of composition and improvisation. For example, the use of classical forms throughout creates more of a sense of the performance being a journey, and applying traditional counterpoint techniques alongside elements of serialism results in twists and turns in the music which are unexpected in both the Post Rock and Jazz settings.

Johnny Hunter - drums
Mick Bardon - bass
Dee Byrne - alto saxophone
Chris Sharkey - guitar


Hanslip/Karlsen duo is a collaboration between UK saxophonist Mark Hanslip and Norwegian drummer Emil Karlsen. They play improvised music stretching from open textural playing to fiery free jazz.

Mark Hanslip - saxophone
Emil Karlsen-Drums

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