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An Evening with Classwar Karaoke

An Evening with Classwar Karaoke

Six acts, a thing of six equal heads, coming together in one place at one time, that of The Golden Lion, Todmorden, in West Yorkshire, on Thursday 1st November 2018, conspiring to bring you, the audience, some kind of one thing, that of an evening with Classwar Karaoke. All human life will be there; all we need is you. 

Thursday, November 1, 2018 at 7 PM – 11 PM
Golden Lion Todmorden

Classwar Karaoke is short sets, maximum variety - as is our want. First up is the indefinable Sippy Cup, a duo of two, no less, that of Kate Armitage and THF Drenching; operating in all media and in all known conditions, impervious, as nature is impervious, like moss, they tell us. Next will be Wolfscarers. Another duo, again of two, this time comprised of saxophonists Simon Prince and Keith Jafrate ... beguiling, acrobatic, inexhaustibly inventive, intuitive, a one thing in two halves, a beautiful sight for sore ears. Poet Adrian Slatcher will follow, sharing readings from his many published works, perhaps even from his Life Grabs, which was included in Best British Short Stories 2018. Next will be Mimoids - that untried and untested quintet of Emrys Morgan, John Hyatt, Jon Large, Lewis Sykes and Anthony Donovan, who debuted, but only as a quartet, only a few weeks ago, and who combine performance art, voice, sound sculpture and foley, improvising at the same time but without direct interaction. Anything could happen; and how often can you say that? Next, another duo, Church Milk Joan, made up of Richard Knutson and Colin Robinson, who will show excerpts and episodes from their multi-part film work 'Der Traum eines Kindes' - said to be some kind of meeting between The Clangers, The League of Gentlemen, The Brothers Quay, Faust and Cabaret Voltaire, with its mix of animation and live action. The evening ends with yet another duo, that of guitarist David Birchall and percussionist Richard Harrison, itself untried and untested, flying by the seats of their pants, making music from talent and firmament only.



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