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London: Wednesday 12 December 2018, The Klinker Club

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Wednesday 12 December 2018, The Klinker Club

On the second Wednesday of the month with the generous support of Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.
Raf and O
Superb electro-pop lullabies with origins in Florence and New Cross
Martin Speake
Solo sax improvising ECM label virtuoso
Thogdin Ripley
Trio performs selections from ‘Werewolf’ with homemade instruments, perverse, funny, and overwhelming in equal measure.
Alan Wilkinson and Matt Scott
First outing for sax/bass clarinet & bayan accordion duo from London experimental scene
Door 7.30pm - 12pm £7/£4 concessions
Acts from 8pm - 11pm
Upstairs Room
Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club
42-46 Pollard Row
London E2 6BN
Official Klinker webpage: www.klinkerclub.com


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