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Listening to architectural space: the sound of the built environment.

When was the last time you went somewhere just to hear the sounds?

The atmosphere of a place is created by sounds as well as vision.
Sounds are not usually static but come as events in time. 
How often do you pay attention to this? 
How does this affect our response to place?

Whether experienced as a private meditation or as collective silence SOUNDWALKS will refresh your ears and reset your sensual awareness of where you live, work or visit.

A ‘soundwalk’ is a practice: it is walking without talking, focusing on the sound around, focusing on the present moment. In a `Sonic Gaze` session, the participants are static, though the sounds could be mobile. Talking might come later.

Sonic Gaze will be of interest to;

  1. Musicians (as it involves listening to a sequence of sounds)
  2. To recording artists (as one needs to appreciate the relationship between background and foreground sound, for example)
  3. For electronic musicians (as it relates to the way timbres interact)
  4. To planners and architects (as the sound is part of the atmosphere of a place and affects social responses).
  5. Sound artist - (as an act of attentive listening as part of a preparatory methodology)
  6. Everyone and anyone, (as an act of `ear cleaning`, a space of time to slow down and focus on the reality of sound in the present, to reset, refresh and re-engage) 

The Listening Room: Sonic Gaze is facilitated by Phil Morton & Robin Hartwell
Phil Morton mob 07999518582

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17 December 2018

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