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  • #661: 2018.11.11
    monique jean, troubles, empreintes digitales, 2018 quite a long playlist this week, with a lot of new sounds we’re excited to present to you: felix blume‘s installation of wind-and-sea-played flutes in thailand, jana winderen‘s latest compositions with oceanic sounds, a 2nd batch of cassettes from philip sulidae‘s hemisphäreの空虚 label (anyone know how to pronounce that?), […]
  • #660: 2018.11.04 [ian battenfield headley]
    this edition of framework:afield has been produced in the united states by ian battenfield headley. for more information see producer’s notes: Dreamstates / Hypnagogia Glenn Gould- reminiscing on a childhood memory of being driven home after hearing a concert explained how he fell into a “wonderful state of half awakeness, where you heard all […]
  • #659: 2018.10.28
    alan courtis, pucallpa field recording (peruvian amazonia), framework editions 2018 first, a first step towards rectifying something – amongst the rewards offered to our patreon subscribers (if you’re not aware, go and have a look: are occasional on-air shouts out to patrons of qualifying tiers. we only have one qualifying patron (maybe YOU would […]
  • #658: 2018.10.21 [john f. barber]
    this edition of framework:afield, entitled rainstorm reveries, has been produced in vancouver, washington, in the u.s., by regular contributor john f. barber. see his own page dedicated to this show here: or for general information on his work see: producer’s notes: Rainstorm Reveries John F. Barber The Pacific Northwest is noted for its […]
  • #657: 2018.10.14
    julie rousse, nag mapu (esperando la lluvia suite), framework editions 2018 this is the second of 3 regular editions featuring our new framework:seasonal release, issue #10, autumn 2018. this week we take a listen to julie rousse‘s contribution, nag mapu (esperando la lluvia suite). julie has this to say about he work: Nag Mapu is […]