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Venues UK Merseyside wiki

The aim, to create a list of venues used by Improvisers' (and associated artists) on Merseyside.



  1. All platforms, music-dance etc and event types, eg the concert hall through to unusual venues.
  2. Piano
  3. Dance friendly
  4. Archive list
  5. Outdoor locations
  6. Access to the building issues
  7. Access to hiring the space 
  8. Research required

Support links

  1. Media wiki - category page - Merseyside UK venues 
  2. phpBB Discussion Board - forum, titles `All venues on Merseyside as topics`

View the current list

  1. Click this link for view a spreadsheet in the improvisers' networks google drive account : CLICK HERE


Submit `a venue` to the list, use the form below

P Morton 

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