Kirstie Simson, Dance Improvisation Workshop

Kirstie Simson, One Day Dance Improvisation Workshop 

30th June 2018
10.30 - 6pm
Kingsway Campus, Chester CH2 2LB


Moving Bodies | Empty Spaces
Exploring Freedom through Dance Improvisation

An opportunity to engage with Kirstie Simson and her passionate interest in the liberating experience of dance, improvisation and the exploration of freedom. Imagine what our relationship would be to dancing if we had no prior notion about what the moving body should look or feel like. Participants work beyond culturally conditioned expectations and other limitations. They will celebrate movement using practices that Kirstie has developed over thirty-five years of teaching dance improvisation.

Workshop £30/ £25 (early bird before 30th May)

Please join us in Conversation from 7pm (Free for workshop participants/£2 guests)
Contact: Andrea Buckley for further details - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07817966752

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