Elephant in the room

Blank Canvas presents an evening of free improvised music featuring  Elephant In The Room and The Blank Canvas Octet on Sunday 30th September, 8.00 pm, £5.00


Elephant in the Room are

JAMES WOOD, guitar,effects

CLAYTON JACKSON, percussion, contact mics, treatments,

MILES DOUBLEDAY, synthesizers, keyboards;

PAUL CLARK, saxes; pedals, effects


Elephant In The Room play regularly together, sometimes with guests, sometimes with an audience - as individuals, and in different combinations of the group. They experiment with structured and free approaches to improvisation, graphic scores, and working with other creatives in spoken word, movement, film and image. Elephant have played on the same bill as many northern and national improvisers, and as individuals play in a range of contexts, collectives, orchestras, and bands.


Elephant In The Room are Lancaster based experimenters and improvisors, we welcome them to Liverpool.


The Blank Canvas Octet is a project exploring free improvisation in music in a large ensemble context. It explores ‘system 50:50` - where chess clocks are used to affect the complexity of the texture. It can result in small discreet sounds being heard rather than covered over, and deeper layers to be felt and expressed. An exciting project to participate in, to witness and to hear.


On system 50/50  one improviser commented “never experienced so much space in a large ensemble playing improv” - Charlie Collins Sheffield


PHIL MORTON, accidents and treatments



MARTIN HACKETT, electronics

JULIA CADMAN, wind, reeds and voice


ANDREW LESLIE HOOKER, no input mixer

ROBIN MUSGROVE, percussion


The Venue: The Ship & Mitre, 130 Dale Street, Liverpool - Venue info


Blank Canvas concert series was launched in 2011 by Frakture. It now continous as a stand alone project, presenting concerts, supporting free improvisation on Merseyside  and developing the The Blank Canvas octet. Blank Canvas is curated by the Phil Morton, Pete Jones and Robin Hartwell, it has an `open source` system of management and administration and new personnel and their ideas are welcome. Please make contact.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., mob 07999518582
System 5050 for more information, just google it! `improvisers networks system 5050`

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