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The Blank Canvas Octet Play 50:50

The Liverpool based promoter of "free improvisation in music" Blank Canvas,

which recently returned to presenting bi-monthly concerts at the Ship & Mitre, Liverpool is pleased to announce the creation of a "house band" that will play at Blank Canvas events; it is to be called The Blank Canvas Octet. It is the house band, it is the support act, the main act usually being a visiting group. The Blank Canvas octet membership is drawn from a closed list of 15 improvisers, but only eight musicians play on the night. The target is to have a list of 24 improvisers. 

The house band - The Blank Canvas Octet - will play "free improvised music" but also use the music system, "System 50:50" - for more information "System 50:50" click here

Here is a list of musicians currently active in this project. 

  • IAN SIMPSON, guitar
  • PAUL PIGNON [ Stockholm! ]
  • PHIL LUCKING, trumpets
  • MARTIN HACKETT [ Oxford improvisers ]
  • PHIL MORTON, accidents and treatments
  • JULIA CADMAN, reeds, wind, voice
  • DAVID CANTER, bass clarinet
  • CLAYTON JACKSON, (Lancaster) electronics
  • ROB THORPE, guitar (Manchester)
  • ANDREW LESLIE HOOKER, no input mixer (Pandy Tudor)
  • HELON CONNING, presence
  • PETER JONES, guitar

The Octet list is short in percussionists & string players, we are especially keen to hear from improvisers who use percussion and string instruments ( excluding guitars)

Lapsed members of the Octet: John Pearson, Adam Roberts, Yashashwi Sharma, Kristina Warren ( returned to the USA), 

To express an interest, to request more information, to communicate, go to the contact link on the side menu or complete the form below

Phil Morton

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