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Venues data information and location

This project's aim is to collect the data, information, and locations for venues used by `free improvisers` and associated practices. All platforms, music, dance etc.

All locations, local to global, Wales to New South Wales.

Below is a long form, that collects in detail data and information about venues. Complete what you can.

The data is then uploaded to the networks wiki: URL link, which is a searchable database viewable on a webpage.


Name of the venue
name of the room
Venue address:
Venue E-mail:
Venue website
Venue Phone:number
Upload a File: jpg, jpeg, png, , doc, docx, pdf
Room description including dimensions if known:
Piano :
Electric supply assessment, including floor boxes:
Stairs. Lifts & access:
PA - and sound engineer:
On site mixer :
PAT testing status:
Catering and refreshments:
Room tone, sound proofing, noise bleed:*
Contact name:
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone:
Contact Mobile:
Online booking calendar:
On-line booking form:
Parking and local transport issues:
Venue terms and conditions, formal or informal:
Notes for improvisers, recent use and entries in the site listings calendar:
Your name:
Your E-mail:
Additional comments on the venue:
Comments on the form:
Word Verification:


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