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Monday, 16 July 2018 09:35

Elephant in the room

Blank Canvas presents an evening of free improvised music featuring  Elephant In The Room and The Blank Canvas Octet on Sunday 30th September, 8.00 pm, £5.00

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Friday, 14 September 2018 15:59

Preston Chris Corsano (USA) + Cold Bath Street

Live solo gig with support (Cold Bath Street). Early doors 7pm. £5 on the door.
October 8th
Photo Credit Matt Elkind

Chris Corsano is a drummer who has been at the forefronts of free improvisation, avant-rock, and noise musics since the late 1990's. His dedication to collective improvisation has led to collaborations with all sorts of kindred spirits and appearances on over 150 records. He's worked with saxophonists like Paul Flaherty, Joe McPhee, and Evan Parker; string-aces Sir Richard Bishop, Okkyung Lee, and Jim O'Rourke; and one-of-a-kind artists like Björk, Ghédalia Tazartès, Merzbow, and Jandek. Constantly seeking to expand his sound beyond conventional notions of what drums can and can't do, Corsano attacks his kit with everything from cello strings stretched across his snare drum to contact microphones on hi-hats to a slew of extended techniques of his own creation.

“Corsano, despite being arguably the most riotosly energetic and creative drummer in contemporary free jazz, does far more than merely bash his kit into submission. Playing loud does not mean abandoning subtlety, and Corsano’s sudden shifts of texture and dynamics are a wonder to behold” - The Wire

Venue: The New Continental, Preston


Sunday, 08 July 2018 21:14

Centrifuge Concert 43

praxis: arts presents



Concert No. 43



Centrifuge brings together an exciting collection of improvising musicians based across the North and Midlands. Coming from a wide spectrum of musical backgrounds, and working within different musical practices, they will combine in various small groupings to deliver a program of freely improvised music.

Since an inaugural meeting in October 2008 Centrifuge has been organising concerts, workshops, and festival appearances, featuring many leading improvisers based north of the capital. The locations have included; Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Lancaster, and Crewe. There have been fifty events.

After a gap of 15 months, I am pleased to be re-launching this project at the Peer Hat, Manchester. phil morton


The musicians confirmed,

PAUL PIGNON, bass clarinet
PHIL MORTON, accidents and treatment
MARTIN ARCHER, saxophones
MARTIN HACKETT, electronics

The musicians subject to confirmation are


Centrifuge: where creative forces meet.


Sunday 22nd July. 2018


14-16 Faraday Street

Manchester M1 1BE

7.30 pm   £5.00 OTD


If this is new to you, you are interested as a player? read the notes and then complete the form

Centrifuge - Q&A

Centrifuge - the important bit `is there an audition`

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Blank Canvas presents HTrio plus special guest Nate Woolley (USA)

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Friday, 17 August 2018 17:21

Yo No Bi #3 - Asuna

ame, Full of Noises and Cuspeditions present a short UK tour showcasing installation works and performances by two of Japan’s most innovative sound artists, ASUNA and Tomoko Sauvage. Starting with two new installations and performances at Full of Noises, Barrow-in-Furness (Fri/Sat/Sun 17-19th August), the tour continues to Caustic Coastal, Salford (Tues 21st Aug) and concludes at Access Space Sheffield (Weds 22nd Aug).

ASUNA is a sound artist from Japan who has been active since the early 1990's. He produces installation work and live performances including ‘Each Organ’, a sound installation that explores the etymology of the portable electronic organ. His performances make use of many tiny cheap toys to create a multilayered and fascinating plastic universe of drones, loops and occasional pop implosions. After debuting on the Spanish label Lucky Kitchen in 2003, ASUNA has gone on to release over 60 works on various labels around the world. In 2018 he will be touring his work around Europe, with new work premiering at the Full of Noises festival in the UK.

Tomoko Sauvage is a Japanese musician and artist active since the mid-2000’s. Her work investigates the sculpturality of sound and improvisation in relation to the environment. Mainly known for a musical / visual research about ‘natural synthesizer’ of her invention, composed with diverse fluid, bowls, ceramic, light and underwater amplification, Sauvage’s approach is attached to questions of alchemy, meditation and balance between hazard and mastery. Taking the form of performances, installations and musical compositions, her work is regularly presented in Europe, Asia and America.

Yo No Bi #3 is a Full of Noises & ame project curated by Ryoko Akama with support from Cuspeditions, Arts Council England and the Japan Society.

Caustic Coastal
Unit 2, Regent Trading Estate Oldfield Road,, M5 4DE City of Salford
7.00pm refer to facebook link for more info


Tuesday, 05 June 2018 07:16

Charles Heyward, Third City

A true legend of the British avant-garde,

Saturday, 02 June 2018 13:42

NAWR Anois: Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh,

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh “the most imaginative and fascinating musician in all of trad”

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Sunday, 16 September 2018 08:09

Mike Cooper at the Swansea Festival

MIKE COOPER, For the past 50 years he has been an international artistic explorer constantly pushing the boundaries.

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Monday, 02 April 2018 06:18

Site registration process

Improvisers' Networks site, how to register

Friday, 17 August 2018 15:52

Improvisers Merseyside Facebook Group

As it says, for all genres of improvisation in music, dance and related practices

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