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Saturday, 05 May 2018 06:20

Submit, suggest a book

Submit, suggest a book for inclusion in the `books` section of the website via the form below 

If you do not like forms or the form is a challenge send the information by email to listings@improvisersnetwork.co.uk

Your name:*
Title of the book*
Upload a text introudcing the book as a file: formats, txt, rtf, doc. docx*
Upload a image, landscape prefered: jpg, jpeg, png only. Preferred image size 600x400 @ 72 dpi*
If known the URL - location of the image if available on the internet. This link is then inserted in the document. This is optional.
Optionla:Select a catagory, select uncategorised, leave blank
Category option if known but not on the list
Your comments
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