Charles Heyward, Third City

A true legend of the British avant-garde,

Charles Hayward has been pushing the boundaries of music and performance for more than 40 years: most famously as one-third of This Heat, but in countless other projects since This Heat split up in 1982. He's showed up as a collaborator with bands and artists as diverse as Gong, Thurston Moore, Bill Laswell, Gnod, even anarchist punk pioneers Crass.

Hayward's performances are as likely to include a piano-led song cycle with homemade percussion instruments and a child's melodion as they are his usual instrument, the drums. Tonight we're promised something noisy and electronic and we can't wait.

Supporting on the night are:

Third City - John Aveyard and Dan Wilkinson's improv duo, Third City take in live instrumentation & electronic sound sources with live computer manipulations, creating detailed and complex sound collages which reward the closest attention. They will also be releasing a very limited cassette via Concrète Tape, available only at the show.

Charles Keener - The new solo project from Carl Brown of Preston Field Audio and Otherchannels: we're expecting something special from Carl (as always). It'll probably involve looped guitar n effects.

Cam Molloy - Cam will be opening proceedings with a solo set combining drums with lap steel and voice.

Concrète Tapes DJs will be DJing on a pair of walkmans from crucial recent tape releases before and between the acts. There will be no bar, but entry will include a glass of wine.

St Peters' Art Centre, Preston
7.30 pm - 10.00 pm

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