Blank Canvas Present Browne/Thompson/Sanderson

Blank Canvas presents Browne, Thompson & Sanderson

Sunday 29th October 8.00pm - £5.00
The Ship & Mitre
133 Dale Street
Liverpool L3 2JH

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Mark Browne - Saxophones and Collected Objects
Daniel Thompson - Acoustic Guitar
Richard Sanderson - Melodeon, Whistles and Objects

A performance by the trio of Mark Browne, Daniel Thompson
and Richard Sanderson which uses gongs, collected objects amplified melodeon, electronics and acoustic guitar. The trio formed 5 years ago to create and subvert all kinds of improvised music and create new connections.

Performances are mesmeric, confounding and often The trio was formed 5 years ago specifically to record their first album "The 1926 Floor Polish Variations" for Linear Obsessional Recordings, by Richard Sanderson inviting two of his favourite musicians. The resulting album was well received and the band went on to play together regularly, honing their very particular approach to free improvisation, releasing their second album "Solitude, Reef and the Starry Veil" in 2017. Paul Magree in "We Need No Swords" said of the album that it !represents another step forward,the trio combining their individual skill sets and deep knowledge of their craft in a work of collective intuition that seems to exist in a world entirely of its own making."

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