Doodle app & confirmation

How to confirm: For projects using the web app `doodle` 

key points in the video on the confirmation process.

  • Reminder, initial participation in a `doodle` only indicates availability, at this point there are no, agreements or confirmations
  • Confirmation phase top tips
    • Read the text shared in the newsletter or the doodle introduction, the instructions work, and they are there to help you
    • One place - there is only one place to confirm your intention to attend
      • The comments section of the doodle 
    • Please do not confirm via - email, sms, facebook, facebook messenger, verbally the next time you see someone, Instagram, twitter, twitter messaging, via a friend, via email to the wrong email address: the list is endless: 
  • What are you confirming
    • The time
    • The Date
    • The place
    • Your name and you will be there.
  • An example - sometimes referred to as the superscript
    • Confirmed - good to good at 7.45pm on 3rd July at the Vortex - Jo Black
    • or
      • Confirmed - good to good at 7.45pm on 3rd July at the Vortex: it's in the diary - Jo Black
    • You can copy and paste the superscript.
  • Examples of what is not requested
    • Okay
    • See you there
    • Got it
    • fab
      • None of the above confirm the arrangements agreed. 
    • use a diary or calendar (some artists do not)
    • Enter the confirmation in your diary
  • Despite appearances and emotional reactions: the above should take less than 10 seconds: the process saves the admin team 40 hours.



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This video and the theory and practice is supported by the network forum registered members, project participants who wish to discuss and debate this further can do so therein.
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