Doodle - test and try video

Doodle test and try - video demonstration. 

You may be sent a URL LINK to a `test and try doodle`

This is not a live doodle, for a real event, please feel free to test it, play with it, make errors.

Try the options requested, refresh your screen to check the information you have uploaded has saved correctly.

Key points to be aware of,

  1. Always use your full name, no nicknames or first names etc.
  2. Remember to click done or save
  3. Test and try the `cannot make it option`
  4. Test and try the comments section
  5. Refresh the screen to check it has worked.

You should be able to

  1. Upload your name and indicate what dates you are available
  2. Upload your name and indicate you are not available for any of the dates
  3. Add a comment

Be aware

  • When you indicate your availability you are not committing or confirming attendance or participation, you are only indicating you are available.
    • If you tick ten dates, you are only communicating your availability, that is it. 
  • Confirmation is handled by a different process.
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