Centrifuge : registration form.

This form is for musicians to register an interest in Centrifuge:
To be added to the contact list. 


The aim of this form is to :-

  • Lighten the workload of voluntary staff
  • Simplify the process of joining Centrifuge Networks by providing a clear process
  • Remove the workload that phone calls & emails generate.

How to use this form

  • Please read FAQ's [here],
  • All requests will be acknowledge as soon as possible.
  • Remember you can contact Phil Morton for free via skype phone:
  • our user id is timnetwork.
  • Skype software is free to download and use: skype homepage

Mobile Number:
Land line :
Skype id
Please tell us about yourself, please give specifics responses to the "is there an audition section" to be found in the FAQ's
Instrument Title, as it will appear within event publicity
Word Verification:

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