Centrifuge developing an aesthetic at MAC Birmingham Session 7

Centrifuge : Developing an aesthetic, session 7

Saturday 28th April 13.00 - 17.00
MAC - Midland Arts Centre
Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH
MAC - wiki link

A closed private session open to members of the Centrifuge wiki-network.
Featuring, timed sets of playing free improvised music, discussion and possibly testing system 50:50.

Musicians scheduled to attend

Lee Allatson, Drumset
Martin Hackett, Korg MS
Dan Goren, trumpet
Phil Morton, Accidents & Treatments
Ian Simpson, guitar
Robin Hartwell. piano

Aims: To develop a literacy that enables the verbal articulation and sharing of ideas.

To develop the music; particular sensibilities or values may become more apparent through the combination of playing and discussion. This may help us negotiate improvisations with further sensitivity and awareness, even if a unified Centrifuge ‘aesthetic’ does not emerge (although this might happen too!). Adam Fairhall 2014

This is closed private session open to members of the Centrifuge wiki-network. If you are interested in this event, complete the form below, Phil Morton suggests you add your mobile phone number too.

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