Emil Karlsen & Blank Canvas Octet

Photo of Emil Karlson at Flikr

Electro-acoustic solo performance by Emil Karlsen & Blank Canvas Octet

 Thursday 29th March, Ship and Mitre, 133 Dale Street Liverpool: Venue Info
.00 pm £5.00

Emil Karlsen's electro-acoustic solo project is a newly established project inspired by his philosophy using the drum kit as a solo instrument. Being born and raised in a small village deep in the Norwegian forest has given him the opportunity to be inspired and respect the raw force of nature, and work organically with the drum kit. This solo project has a root in the organic and acoustic, but also roots in the contemporary and electronic. His main inspirations lie in the improvised jazz scene flourishing from the early 60’s with names such as Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman, but also groundbreaking classical composers such as Arnold Schoenberg and Igor Stravinsky. Working with a blend of acoustic and electronics has given him an opportunity to explore textures, rhythm, loops and creating his own musical expression. Making the most out of the drum kit and exploring the melodic and dynamic range has always been the most important aspect of Emil’s drumming. This project is a portrait of many years thinking compositionally and texturally about the art of drumming.

Support: Blank Canvas Octet play System 5050 featuring

Phil Morton, accidents and treatments
Julia Cadman, wind instruments
Ian Simpson, guitar
Emil Karlsen, drumkit
Richard Harding, guitar
Martin Hackett, electronics

who will play free improvised music using the System 5050


System 5050 clock photo hosted at flickr


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