Jigsaw Liverpool Workshops

The Listening Room : presents The Jigsaw Workshop Series

exploring the nature and practice of free improvisation in music

The sessions are facilitated by Phil Morton,

Phil Morton has substantial experience in the design and delivery of workshop session dealing with creative processes and the act of listening, this has been achieved through his own work and through the experience of being in the shadow of the giants of the genre(s) such as: Maggie Nicols, Pauline Oliverous, Phil Minton, Eddie Prevost, John Hull and through the deep conversations held with all the improvisers who played at Frakture and at sometime sat his kitchen table.

Phil Morton has delivered 130+ workshops exploring free improvisation. 
Phil Morton has delivered 13 voice workshops and on rare occasions, PM has led dance sessions.
A Phil Morton biog/cv is here URL LINK

Session design and content types.
Here are some examples of the different approaches Phil Morton takes to workshop content exploring the nature and practice of this music

  • Snap out of it programme: exercises aimed at `unlearning mechanical ways of making music` (Maggie Nicols) influences by John Steven's book search and reflect.
    • Example of an exercise: `Dot` URL LINK - delivered by performed by Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater (2015)
    • Example of an exercise: `Sustain` URL LINK - delivered by members of the Infinite Monkey Orchestra and Liverpool Improvisation Collective with Maggie Nicols
  • Click - Jigsaw programmes, heuristic sessions (influenced by Eddie Prevost) were the artists perform, then reflect and share their thinking about the experience.
  • Soundwalks and sonic gaze: personal development through the act of listening, as part of a preparatory methodology for the sound artist or artist
  • System 5050 - exploring the decision-making, the aesthetics options in the pursuit of free improvisation in music

The improvisers' networks website has a section on workshop pieces exploring the nature and practice of free improvisation in music: here is the URL LINK

Timeline: Monthly sessions, or refer to the Merseyside listings calendar

Jigsaw is a gateway to further collaborations, research and performance opportunities in the genre known as "free improvisation in music" in Merseyside area.
Similiar sessions are also delivered in Preston and Bangor (Gwynedd)

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