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Sunday, 08 February 2015 12:52

Acoute Festival Outline

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The acoute format, created by the Frakture Concerts Team (FCT) in 2011 Acoute, has been a successful concept and evoked strong attendance. heat and ideas. April 1st 2014 witnessed acoute becomming a stand alone project managed by praxis:acoute.

It is acoustic, it embraces both free improvisation and compositions, from the acoute VII onwards the brief will be expanded to explore and range of associated practices leading to a festival.;

acoute festival outline

  • The Themes
    • To explore the acoustic in a digital age
    • To explore the act of listening in the creative process.
  • To be delivered by
    • acoute installations
    • special acoute recordings, studio recordings, not recordings of concerts
    • The launch phase of acoute featured alternating content, a free improvisation concerts, followed by a composition driven concert. Starting in 2014, and acoute VIII acoute concerts may feature a mix of genres and presentations
    • to encourage specific groups, to explore the acoute house style, rather than ad hoc ensembles or workshop ensembles.
  • to devise and deliver creative workshops that explore the interface and boundaries between free improvisation in music/ performance and composition.
  • explore the act of listening within the acoustic ecology aesthetic.
  • to work towards a festival , that pulls the above threads together.


Exciting and interesting times.
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