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Phillip Morton

Phillip Morton

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Solo voice performance with poems by Austrian writer and poet, Ernst Jandl (✝2000), with whom I worked, performed, and recorded with over a 10-year period. He introduced me to an entirely new world of semantics in German, Austrian-German, and English with focus on material character of language; the fun of deconstructing a word or sentence to change its intention, the timing of delivery of a sound or word or sentence and the rhythmical aspect of these...and then the humor in so many of his poems balanced with earnestness. Special thanks to Otmar Klammer for this video. The venue is Stockwerk in Graz, Austria. The poems are in German. March 3, 2015

Boyland/Minton/Nicols - RawRoarRare pt1

Recorded at the RawRoarRare festival, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool in April 2011. Steve Boyland (voice), Phil Minton (voice), Maggie Nicols (voice). Photography by Tim Jeeves/Markus Soukup. Editing by phil hargreaves.

n 2017 The GIO (Glasgow Improvisers' Orchestra) brought one of the world’s foremost improvising singers, Phil Minton to collaborate in the creation of a unique incarnation of his joyous and jubilant feral choir. Film by Brian Hartley.

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra with Phil Minton at Glasgow Jazz Festival 25 June 2017

Thursday, 10 January 2019 13:14

Made with the voice : Grant & Kraable

Kay Grant (voice) & Caroline Kraabel (alto sax) at the Mopomoso free improvisation afternoon event on 20th May 2018 at the Vortex, London. Sound recorded by Tim Fletcher. Filmed & edited by Kostas Chondros.

Editors note: Mr Morton thinks Caroline Kraabel uses her voice too, sometimes, maybe when playing the alto sax at the same time.

Monday, 07 January 2019 10:06

Noise Upstairs - The Wolf Scarers Jan 10th

Wolf Scarers, formed in 2010 by Simon Prince and Keith Jafrate, are a sax duo who play improvisations that swerve from gentle meditations that almost become chamber music across to full-blown shout-ups in the true tenor sax tradition, via, possibly, messed-up marching band funk and deconstructed jazz strut.

“They really are in conversation and have a lot to tell….very focused….a rich and varied vocabulary at their disposal. Meditative meandering excursions are followed by heavy outbursts. Fine interplay and communication between these two! Nice work.” – Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly

Their debut album, on Noise Upstairs Records, is great https://wolfscarers.bandcamp.com/

Be there!

Before and after their set, there will be the usual open improvisation jam session, all welcome to come and play; just stick your name in the hat. Bring instruments, laptops, voices, toys…

NOTE -if some of the event details are missing go to the calendar listing or follow facebook event page link for more information.





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Blank Canvas presents Catch 22 & The Blank Canvas Octet

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