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Phillip Morton

Phillip Morton

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 08:35

Workshop - Jigsaw 9 Bangor

 Jigsaw Workshops: Bangor, Session 9 - Thursday 10th May 2018

A video on the subject of receive notifications by email when new `posts` are made to a topic in a forum you are interested in.

For example: if you are interested in the role of tacet/silence in system 5050, and you subscribe to the forum (and thereby the topic therein) everytime another subscriber posts a comment to the topic `role of tacet/silence in system 5050` you will receive an email notification.

Postive: This is very useful, keeps you up to date, and you do not visit the forum and note there are no new posts

Minus: This emotionally may feel like and become spam. I suggest you do not pre-load this negative thought, wait and see, and if this reaction does arise, let others know and discuss it.

Other; no comments that are neither positive or negative. yet!


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Sunday, 15 April 2018 11:49

Murmurists 'Poor vs Poor'

Saturday, June 9th 2018 5 pm Free Entry
St Peter's Arts Centre, Preston PR1 7BX


Murmurists will premiere Anthony Donovan's 'Poor vs Poor'; a one-hour continuous piece involving everything from spoken word, contemporary dance, Free Jazz and Black Metal, to comedy, film and theatrics - as much akin to the spite of Spitting Image as to that of Pinter, Laing and Artaud, as much about the aesthetics of protest as about the ideas of Xenakis, Cage and Brecht.


All being well, this will happen .... Art now, for Murmurists, has to be lethally expressive of, and get down into, narrative - and, moreover, this narrative: the survival narrative. It has to soil itself to bits in and for the struggle. It has to attempt to join the solution, by climbing off its sticky white walls, away from mainstream value and its exotic esoterica and its language of willful obfuscation, money-maths and nihilism. It has to get transmitted. Adorno was right; dead right. But he's dead anyway. Stone dead. Pig ignorant dead. Porno Adorno dead. Pushing up the daisies dead. Art after Adorno dead. There's nothing he can do about it; not at fiery Fahrenheit 452. Richard Dawkins is dead, too; Dawkins dead; Dawkins death-ray dead, with a split-lip and black eyes, and headphones over cauliflower-ears, with GITMO Death Metal spewing out, over and over, every day another barricade. Art has to be relentless in ways it doesn't like. It has to be its own hostage to fortune.


Come join the 100. 

Support will come from a series of small group improv sets by members of Murmurists.  

Full 100-strong line-up will be revealed end of March 2018


Sunday, 15 April 2018 11:44

Preston Jazz and Improvisation Festival

Friday June 8th, The Continental, Preston, Doors 7.30, £3.00

Sunday, 15 April 2018 11:27

System 5050 Density index of 1

System 5050 and the density index

is there a Density index of 1, if yes does it matter, is it of any use?


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Saturday, 14 April 2018 15:55

A sound education R. Murray Schafer

This book by R. Murray Schafer is filled with listening and sound making exercises that allow the student to begin thinking more deeply about sounds and their environment. This book will help the participants "clean" their ear and explore questions like the difference between "focused and peripheral listening". Schafer, R. Murray. A Sound Education: 100 Exercises in Listening and Sound Making. Arcana Editions. 1992. PDF accessible at https://monoskop.org/images/7/7b/Schafer_R_Murray_A_Sound_Education_100_Exercises_in_Listening_and_Soundmaking.pdf.

Highly recommended.
Includes the now commonplace, but at the time new concept, draw and spell that sound


Saturday, 14 April 2018 15:27

Search and reflect

From 1983 Stevens was involved with Community Music, an organisation through which he took his form of music making to youth clubs, mental health institutions and other unusual places. Notes taken during these sessions were later turned into a book for the Open University called Search and Reflect (1985)

An essential resource for anyone involved in the delivery of workshops that explore the nature and practice of free improvisation in music.

The following is lifted from 

This music workshop manual documents the pieces used by the London-based organisation Community Music in its workshops. The value in these pieces lies in their practical application and they are an excellent tool for every music workshop leader, for every music teacher, and for individual musicians with an interest in improvisation. The pieces are designed to encourage more people to participate in group music-making and therefore cater as much for the musically inexperienced as for the proficient musican. Each piece includes detailed guidance, but only a few include musical notation. They may be played or sung.

An introduction – Preliminaries – offers invaluable advice on how to run an effective improvisation workshop. The manual is then divided into two sections – Rhythm and Improvisation. In the Rhythm Section, the twelve pieces aim to help develop rhythmic skills - maintaining regular tempo, independence, and overall rhythmic awareness. The author demonstrates the essence of timekeeping with the basic unit of ONE TWO. This is presented with clear guidelines for its practice and development, stage by stage. Later, the Rhythm Tree chapter teaches how to play 3 over 4, 5 over 4, and 7 over 4, with many practical ideas and exercises for workshop use. Oddseven explores the harmonic possibilities of a scale within a rhythmic framework.

The Improvisation Section deals with specific processes and skills which help to prepare the way for a sensitive, concentrated approach to create group interaction and individual spontaneity. Beginning with three preparatory exercises to encourage each individual to maintain a balance between being a receptive ear and having creative freedom, this section continues with Click Piece (focussing on short sounds, independence and connectiveness), Sustain (focussing on long sounds and breathing) and a further 14 pieces which develop listening and playing skills within a group environment.

Search and Reflect was first published in 1985 by Community Music, with a foreword by Christopher Small. This edition is re-published by Rockschool in 2007, with additional forewords by Steve Beresford and Maggie Nicols.

Book, spiral-bound, 112 pages

Saturday, 14 April 2018 05:48

Grand Gathering 2018

The 2018 Grand Gathering will take place from Monday 3rd September until Sunday 9th September.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 12:31

Network Wales YouTube Channel

image hosted by the Network wales flickr account


This YouTube account is linked to the Improvisers' networks Wales project.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018 12:15

Call for performers-July 2018

Image hosted by Improvisers networks Wales Flickr account


Call for performers-July 2018

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