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Phillip Morton

Phillip Morton

IKAROS present in collaboration with The Gwenfrewi Project (former St. Winifred's Church) a live sound performance with three international experimental artists from Japan and Canada.

Thursday, 11 October 2018 14:07

12 Step in step out for sound and dance

The video presented demonstrates `step in step out`for musicians only, you are asked to extend this to include dancers/movers etc. The offer will have its own video in due course. 

Thursday, 11 October 2018 12:55

9 Parade

details to follow refer to .pdf document available as a downloadable attachement at the foot of this document

Thursday, 11 October 2018 09:04

10 Recycled pickups Anton Mobin

Recycled pickups, by Anton Mobin
id  10

Name: Anton Mobin 
E-mail  refer to contact details to be found in the pdf attachemnt that is located near the foot of this document. 
name of the workshop exercise or musical score:  Recycled pickups
To whom is the piece aim at or for:

From 10 years old.
Musicians (strings player) will find a particular interest in this workshop which is relevant
For both beginners and experienced do-it-yourselfers

What skills are explored:  Handling of specific tools (soldering iron, drill, winding machine), finalization capacity,  meticulousness
History, where and when has the exercise been delivered:

2017 : Lutherie, Urbaine, Paris, fr
2018 : CRAC, Montbéliard, fr
2018 : Doncaster college, uk

Description in text if you opt out of uploading a file:

A pickups is a microphone like those in electric guitars which amplifies metal vibration andelectromagnetic fields.

This microphone does not regulate the vibrations of the air, but all the vibrations of metallic objects and also in contact with the
surface of the magnet. It will be possible to amplify the vibration of a guitar string, springs and all others metallic objects. This
microphone is also sensitive to the perturbation of electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, digital screens and other electronic devices.
description workshop :

The workshop proposes to create a magnetic pickup from simple elements of our daily diverted from their primary utility to build at a lower
cost a proper magnetic pickup ; using a strong neodymium magnet, copper wire wound with a drill (or a winding machine) around a steel

Recycled » means we need recycle some coils in old radios, dvd
player, hard drive...

The aim is to make the difference in application about piezzoelectricity and electromagnetism and associate both amplification systems to produce
sound differently.

media links audio.visual 1:


media links audio.visual 2


 Full documentation in pdf format (English) find attachment link associated with this file
Tuesday, 09 October 2018 14:14

Voice of fire November 2018

Cybernetics, Soundart, noise, soundscape,

It gives me permission to do nothing

A statement made by Jon Aveyard in Preston 2017 at UCLan during the Jigsaw open day - all day session

For the moment I will leave it there, if you are registered with the site you can comment (see below) likewise there is a topic in the discussion board/forum on this statement

Discussion board - URL LINK

Phil Morotn October 2018


Saturday, 06 October 2018 07:26

Marsden Jazz Festival

INTRODUCTION: Marsden Jazz Festival - Argyll Street

Borderless – a celebration of music from different cultures 

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